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To get the edge in online streaming & gaming, your broadband connection needs to be both responsive and reliable with a fast enough set of upload and download speeds to make Updates, Gaming and Streaming perform without interruptions.

brightwells live streaming

BazTel’s network delivers

Our core product range starts with:

Live Streaming Broadcast Quality

Live Broadcast Streaming

Low latency is our game, we’ve engineered our services to deliver realtime HD streaming services

VoIP Business Packages by SIPadmin

VoIP Delivered via SIPadmin

Our Smart PBX is perfect for your business to get connected to the high quality world of VoIP internet calling made easy

Business Broadband, UK Low Latency

Business Broadband

Broadband packages for small businesses with the cheapest business broadband deals. Get the fastest


Mission critical services and applications when utilised live or on a day to day basis have to work seamlessly.

Stream your event live guaranteed.

Our live broadcast engineers can assist in all aspects of getting your event live, from setting up camera sources to sourcing internet connectivity.


when only the best wifi will do

Ready to get started? Request a demo, contact us for more info, or find out how to buy. We’re here to help you get ahead.

Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances.


  • Business VoIP

    Our Smart PBX is perfect for your business to get connected to the high quality world of VoIP internet calling made easy.

  • Advanced Callflows

    Our drag and drop call flow editor makes the possibilites endless with your communications systems, build auto attendants, time based rules and more.

  • Great Call Rates

    Pay As You Go, packaged rates and unlimited deals.

voip better than BT
  • Line Rental

    Unlike our BT and other VoIP counterparts we don’t charge for the rental of your line, just pay for what you use.

  • Technology at its Best

    Utilising the lastest and best in NASA contributed cloud computing technologies, our systems deliver the richest of feature sets.

  • Quality Network

    SIPadmin runs as an isolated subsection of BazTel’s ultra fast network that was built from the ground up for low latency applications, making SIPadmin a natural partner.

As a business ISP we utilise the best quality last mile carrier options to connect your premises to the internet.
We also offer wholesale handoff to our Reseller’s, which enables the Selling of your own White labeled Broadband Services.

Why we use BazTel Broadband

"We switched all our PlusNet and Phone Co-Op connections to BazTel. We saw a better overall latency and consistent speed from all our lines, we're now confident we are offering all our clients the full speed available" - PT

Reseller's and Partner's Welcome

We offer full white labeled reseller and partner solutions for all our products, this extends to our business broadband suite, contact us at for more info.

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Business Broadband

We’ve extended our proven low latency network to allow for direct connection and internet provision via our wholesale handoff putting our services inline and above many of our UK competition in connection quality and service delivery.

Fibre backhauled Broadband is available from just £25 pcm

All our Broadband products have backhaul diversity option's that can be discussed at quotation stage. To simply get online and become part of the UK's lowest latency Network contact us.


Rural Broadband

In the Leicestershire or Warwickshire Area?
Check out our Rural Broadband programs
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LTE Failover

100% uptime on a single point of connectivity is almost impossible, we offer failover LTE services to keep your business running.
Please note prices where written are subject to VAT.

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