About BazTel.

What we do.

BazTel operates as 203345 and as 203676

Our NOC maintains our 24/7 services and infrastructure providing pro-active responses to issues and requests.

All our in-house developed services from our low-latency streaming setup’s to our broadband delivery are fully monitored and maintained by our engineering teams to ensure that our service availability is always working and no event or connection is left unserviced.

Our History

BazTel was founded in 2013 with over 25 years of industry experience

  • MARCH 2014

    Version 1 of our low latency streaming solution is released, bring low latency audio and video to UK auctions.

  • MAY 2015

    AS203345 and AS203676 are born, interconnecting with the best Tier 1 transit providers available.

  • JULY 2017

    SIPadmin R&D goes into production offering a unique and customisable Reseller and Wholesale platform with great UK and International Call Rates