Rural Broadband

Your business needs broadband. It is the lifeblood of sustainable growth.

We provide SuperFast industrial broadband – so no matter what product you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Our experience planning team can also produce tailor made solution should none of our off the shelf packages fit your businesses needs.

Our SuperFast rural broadband is reliable and easy to use. 

Current coverage Map:

Locations within the green areas of the map are currently covered. The lighter the green the better the speeds available to order, you will be advised once requesting a quotation.

If your not currently featured within the coverage please don't hesitate to contact us as we maybe able to provide a bespoke solution.

Rural Broadband Warwickshire

Slow landline Internet, not only for Rural

FTTC, Fibre to the Cabinet roll out's are finally stretching out to cover previously slow spots, but business are still suffering from less than expected speeds, old cabling and flaky lines.

Our WISP options guarantee to continue to offer the speed delivered and quoted from the survey stage. 

How Does it Work?

BazTel partners with Pinnacom Limited to supply high quality, high speed broadband over the Air in the Leicestershire and Warwickshire area!
Getting connected wirelessly is simple and usually quicker than any normal BT landline or similar connectivity and can offer fibre broadband speeds.This simple 5 Step process gets you online fast.

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30Mbps Business


Per Month
  • Router Supplied
  • Public IPv4& IPv6 Included
  • 99% Uptime Garauntee
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20Mbps Pro


Per Month
  • Dedicated Priority Bandwidth
  • Public IPv4 & IPv6 Included
  • Fibre Like SLA
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The best worldwide connectivity

We pride ourselves on selecting the best last mile providers and on optimising the best routes for your traffic and selected for Tier 1 connectivity three of the highest quality carrier's available.
NTT Transit
Telia Transit
Level 3 Transit

Client speed tests.

Even our wireless packages are perfect for the Business or Gaming users, offering constant low latency and high bandwidth.Check out some of our WISP speed tests.